Solar Lamp

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Solar Lamp

This amazing solar charging lantern is ideal for your camping trips. It is full featured, user friendly, green environmental friendly new product, can be used for camping, emergency power, emergency operations, for your life, work, study, travel convenience. The rechargeable battery can be charged by dynamo, sunlight as well as by AC/mains. The beam distance is about 5 m. It can be charged in six hours using the electricity cable.


  • Strong light LED makes the lamp brighter
  • Solar panels can be connected
  • Dynamo charge
  • Directly into 110-250 power outlet on the charger
  • The use of green- Environmental rechargeable battery
  • Portable and harmonization design

Usage Instructions:

  • While using turn the switch to ON direction
  • While stopping lighting turn the switch to OFF direction
  • The lamp can be light continuously for more than 10 hours after full charging
  • When you use it for the first time, please charge for a whole day, which is useful for prolonging the service life of product

Charging Method:

  • Solar Power Charger: Please move to the bottom of the switch to “CHARGE”. Put the lamp in the sun, it will be charged. After charging for 8-10 hours, it can continuing move than 6-8 hours.
  • Put charging cable into the charging hole, Charge directly into 110-250 power outlet on the charger

Important points:

  • When the energy power is exhausted, please charge it up immediately. Product should always be used and recharged, if not often use, please charge it up every two months, otherwise, the usage life of this product will be charged
  • Not more than 24 hours charging time
  • Don’t use it when charging
  • Do not allow product to rain or moisture