Quantum Energy Bracelet

Quantum Energy bracelet is the functional application of magnets to the body to stimulate various nerves and create a better flow of blood into various parts of the body. Magnetic therapy also helps the organs and glands to function properly in a better way. Moreover, magnets are also considered as a natural way of stimulating body to fighting pain. Magnetic field therapy (MFT) is an alternative healing treatment for a wide variety of symptoms, most notably for pain. While the use of Quantum Energy bracelet for healing has a centuries-old history, only recently have some controlled studies been done which demonstrate the effective of magnetic field therapy over various internal injuries. Quantum Energy bracelet is a medical proven method in which, the human ailments are treated with magnets of various size and strengths and use both north and south poles together or individually.

Health benefits

  • It improves blood circulation
  • It improves immune power
  • It enhances energy level and vitality
  • It regulates blood pressure
  • It enhances body, brain and mental power
  • It helps in Insomnia or Sleeplessness, relieves stress and anxiety
  • It relieves from Constipation and Respiratory problems
  • It reduces pain in Arthritis and Rheumatism, Backache, Headache etc.
  • It assists your body to heal itself faster
  • It promote cell regeneration
  • It is used in cancer also

Directions for use

Just wear it on your wrist.