Petrol Saver

This product is comprised of unique formula contains multiple ingredients each designed for a specific purpose which enhances fuel mileage and economy, prolongs engine life, decreases wear and reduces harmful pollutants. Petrol Saver occupies a unique position in the market, as it delivers considerably more value than conventional single purpose fuel additives.

Unique features:

  • Combustion catalyst and burn-rate modifier
  • Cetane improver to lower the ignition point
  • Emission Reducer

Benefits of petrol saver:

  • Saves Petrol by 15% – 20%
  • Reduces Fuel Consumption
  • Increases Pick up
  • Cools down the Engine
  • Improves Engine Performance
  • Prolongs Engine Life
  • Smoothens the engine
  • Reduces Harmful Emissions like Smoke and CO

Directions to use:

For about 250 liters of Petrol dosage is 1.5 drops/liter. For better output for first time use you can put 2 drops / liter.