Nano Alkaline Water Stick

Nano Alkaline Water Stick

It is portable alkaline water stick, by which one can drink alkaline water anywhere and anytime. The optimum pH in our body is pH 6.9 to 7.2, therefore when our body is acidic, alkaline water benefits us by reacting with substances causing acidic to produce a more neutral pH. Neutral pH is aimed to maintain a condition that is not suitable for diseases. Water that is alkaline will flush acid waste away from our body. Our body sometimes gets too acidic as resulted from our diet. This condition may cause the increase of chance of getting sick because of diseases.


  • It can neutralize the pH inside our body that is acidic
  • It can increase the water pH; balance the body fluids, to improve the acidic
  • It can prompt the water is rich in trace elements, can maintain the water activity
  • It promotes metabolism
  • It add moisture, can play important role in cosmetic beauty
  • It leads to the promotion of a brain wave activity, improve attention and memory
  • It can increase the body’s immune system to restore to prevent various diseases

Directions for use:

  • Point the Nano Wand and rotate clockwise 3, 9, 18 times
  • For more effectiveness, point as close as possible
  • Remove the stick after 30-40 sec
  • Don’t keep it in water for a long time or overnight, otherwise the water will not taste good due to long time ionization process
  • Use the Nano Alkaline stick on face to rejuvenate the skin
  • Use the Nano Alkaline stick to energize food and water
  • Press and rotate at least 3 times on all finger and toe tips to unblock energy blockages