Magnetic Back and Belly Belts based on acu – points of the body. Our Magnetic Back Care Belt is essential to activate the vital energy around and stimulate continuously. Multi energy belt increases the blood flow to the abdominal walls and dissolves the excessive calcium and deposits on the wall of the blood vessels. It relieves the digestive problems. It relieves constipation and low back pain.


  • Neo-dymium disk magnets
  • Foam and high quality cotton cloth


  • It is very useful in backache
  • It helps in degeneration of lower back and spine, enclosing spondylosis
  • It is used in urinary bladder dysfunction
  • It relieves from in-digestion and constipation
  • It prevents from swelling and inflammation of back and abdomen,
  • It helps in allergic asthma, bronchial asthma and cough
  • It relieves from acidity, gastritis and ulcers
  • It is beneficial in loss of appetite
  • It is used in strain around back and abdomen
  • It prevents from obesity
  • It is used in prolapsed vertebral disk and uterus
  • It is helpful in impotence and sterility
  • It helps in menstrual disorders like amenorrhea, dysmenorrheal and painful menses
  • It is beneficial in leucorrhea, sciatica, etc

Duration of use:

It is used from half an hour to six hours twice day or as per the advice of the therapist.

Directions to use:

  • Put both magnetic plates on the left and right side of chest in asthma, front and back of chest for chest pain and bronchial asthma
  • To reduce fat or obesity put each magnetic plate at belly and back side. Use Magnetic Thyroid belt together

Precautions to get best results:

  • Before and after one hour of meal use Magnetic health care products
  • Don’t use alcohol and other drugs during use of the Magnetic health care products
  • Avoid cold water and drinks, ice-cream etc before and after one hour of the use
  • In fatigue and sweating condition first take rest for half an hour then use the Magnetic health care products
  • Don’t use Magnetic health care products in pregnancy period
  • Always use sleepers or shoes after the use of Magnetic health care products