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Home Gym

Home Gym with Adjustable Seat is all-in-one fitness equipment that enables the user to perform various exercises such as chest press, leg curl, lat pull down, front and back rowing, abdomen and arm musculature. Ergonomically designed low pulley enable exercising on either side of the main frame. A step-by-step manual will be enclosed in the package for convenience.


  • Fully adjustable, dual pivot points on the pectoral arms, accommodate various arm lengths and helps the user maintain perfect form throughout the range of motion
  • Space efficient all-frontal design
  • Solid and stable oval tubular steel main frame
  • Trigger-release device provides convenient press arm adjustments.
  • Durable high density pads
  • Solid aluminum pulleys with sealed bearings
  • Full length protective steel weight shields
  • Perfect Angles For Accurate Workouts
  • To Provide Stress On Desired Muscle Group
  • Easily Operate able
  • Quality Product
  • Seated Bench Press Butterfly (Pac-Deck)
  • Triceps Extensions Preacher
  • Curl Forearm
  • Curl Military Press
  • Bear Deltoid scrunches
  • Large Comfortable
  • Foam Leg Rolls



To lose weight, joining training club is not necessary. Due to a busy life, one might find it difficult to go to the gym center for workout. During such time, using home gym equipments can be useful.