FootRoller is used to provide temporary relief from pain associated with plantarfasciitis, heel spurs and tired feet. Patients with plantar fasiciitis can usethe roller as a device to stretch the plantar fascia and increase flexibility.Those experiencing soreness from tired feet will find the massaging benefits ofthe roller pleasant and therapeutic. In all applications, the Foot Roller can bechilled or frozen to help reduce inflammation.It helps in facilitating the expansion and contraction of foot muscles toprevent swelling and facilitate blood flow that’s typically restricted duringlong flights or road trips.


  • Portable
  • Easyto use
  • Madeby standard soft wood


  • Reduceswelling
  • Relieffor tired achy feet
  • Relievetension.
  • Relaxfoot muscles and
  • Revitalizethe body
  • Generatesinner strength in the whole body
  • ImprovesBlood Circulation
  • Increasesimmunity to allergies
  • Soothesore muscles
  • Relievespain
  • Relieveleg pain,
  • Improvesdigestive system
  • Givesrelief from Arthritis sciatica and gout


Directionsfoe use:

Pressfoot over the roller daily 5-10 minutes and warm up leg.