Energy Saving Paint

Paint based on NASA Technology (USA) as utilizes the very latest ceramic micro-spheres similar to that used by NASA (USA) in space shuttle tiles. It can reduce heating and cooling demands and cut down Electricity bills up to 40%.

Better than other parallel products in market:

Energy Saving Paint is tested in one of the most prominent laboratory in USA i.e. Geosciences Ltd. for Solar Reflectivity, Infrared Emissivity and Thermal modeling followed with excellent results.

  • As per testing results there is 22.6% energy saving from Ordinary Paint and 50% energy saving from Low Solar reflective paint. Infrared Emissivity was notified as 0.90 under room temperature and Solar Reflectivity was notified as 0.853


Energy Saving Paint contains tiny ceramic micro-spheres of 30–100 microns in diameter. The tiny microspheres act as highly efficient thermal barriers, so that when the coating dries, they form a barrier against heat transfer. This barrier reflects, refracts and dissipates heat, thereby keeping heat in a structure during the cold months and out of the structure during the hot months.

Benefits of Kai Energy Saving Paint

  • Leak proof
  • Sound proof
  • High heat reflectivity
  • Ultraviolet resistance
  • Adhesion and ease of application
  • Reduces Electricity bills

Directions to apply:

To ensure adequate and uniform coverage, spray and back roll techniques are recommended. Sprat all coats in the same direction. Do not cross spray to avoid showing undulations and other small imperfections in the walls.