Dent Remover

Dent Remover is a great product

that allows you to remove virtually any car or bike dent in three easy steps. Simple stick, twist and pop the dent is gone! It features a unique adhesive system design that makes it one of the best dent removal products. It does not leave any messy, sticky residue other systems are known to leave behind. It’s simple to use, just three easy steps and dents and dings are gone without damaging the surface. Dent Remover saves time and money and is the economical alternative to costly dent repair job by mechanics or expensive garages.

General Feature

Car Dent Remover is developed and utilized by professional auto body experts. The unique arched bridge design eliminates the chance for additional damage. Other systems without the arched bridge design are known to actually add dents to vehicles


  • Easily removes dents without damaging the surface
  • Adhesive system design guarantees dent removal without the messy, sticky residue other systems leave behind
  • The bridge tool is designed with a flex-n-pull feature that allows the tool to flex as it pulls creating maximum pulling power