Complete Fairness Cream

Complete Fairness Cream

Dark, patchy skin and blemishes are signal of deterioration of skin health. Ordinary creams leave a white layer. But Kai Fairness Range works from within and nourishes your skin with every use, to give fair, even tone, and a blemish-free face that glows with health.

Complete Fairness Cream presents an alternate way to fairness. With unique Ayurvedic ingredients, it works on the inner layers of the skin, making it lighter, nourishing it with every use to give complete fairness that glows from within.

Key Ingredients and Benefits:

Complete Fairness Cream is enriched with wonderful ingredients Javetri, Kasturimanjal, Kesar (Saffron) &Raktachandan (Red sandalwood) which provide an intense nourishment dose for light radiant, healthy face.

S. No. Ingredients Uses
1 Javetri & Kasturimanjal Javetri & Kasturimanjal along with other ingredients help in lightening the skin tone from within
2 Kesar Saffron is a luxurious herb that has been used in skin care for centuries for a fairer and brighter complexion. Saffron keeps the skin moisturized and smooth. Crocin and Crocetin present in Saffron help to enhance the complexion and lighten skin.
3 Raktachandan Raktachandan helps give softness to the skin can be used to get glowing, even skin tone and flawless complexion. It is also very beneficial for oily skin as it can help reduce oiliness from skin. It can also be used to reduce wrinkles and acne.

Directions for use:

Clean the face and neck thoroughly. Apply Complete Fairness Cream all over the face and neck using an upward circular motion, twice a day. For best results, use regularly.