Asthma Care Drops

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Asthma Care Drops is 100% natural product first time brought in India .

Asthma Care Drops is a respiratory and lung health supplement that contains a blend of natural ingredients specifically designed to promote overall respiratory health.


This product contains extracts of ancient herbs like Pistacia Integerrima, Inula Racemosa, Dashamoola, Phyllanthus Amarus, Glycyrrhiza Glabra, Adhatoda Vasica, Curcuma Zedoaria and many more.

Health Benefits

  • It contains strong antioxidants, prevents the cells from oxidative damage
  • It builds up strong immunity system and prevent against different types of allergies
  • It promotes complete lung health
  • It can help to increase stamina, strength, and endurance
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce inflammation in the lungs.
  • It helps in detoxifications of entire respiratory tract
  • It fights against bacterial, viral and fungal infections

Directions for use

Take 10 drops in morning & 10 drops in evening half an hour before meal. Use twice daily for 6-12 months regularly for better results.