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    Electronic or E-Cigarettes

    Electronic or E-Cigarettes are devices designed to mimic cigarettes. Kai Natural Care introduced in India a totally Herbal range i.e. 100% natural, organic and nicotine free e-liquids. The metal tubes are designed to look like real cigarettes and contain a cartridge filled with a flavoring liquid that is vaporized by a battery-powered heating element. The fluid vapor is inhaled by smokers when they draw on the device, as they would a regular cigarette. There’s no fire, no ash and no smoky smell. E-cigarettes do not contain any of the harmful chemicals associated with smoking tobacco cigarettes, such as carbon monoxide and tar. The market for e-cigarettes is growing rapidly as the immense positive potential of electronic cigarettes is starting to be more widely understood.

    Better than other marketed similar products:

    • Our totally Herbal range is 100% natural and organic and has been developed to be the first range of e-liquids optimized as nicotine free e-liquids, manufactured at our own totally wicked production facility.
    • Offers an exclusive range of flavours developed and produced using only best sourced products
    • It comes with rechargeable battery and refillable cartridges

    Components of E-Cigarettes:

    An e-cigarette has three main parts:

    • A rechargeable lithium battery
    • A vaporization chamber
    • A cartridge

    The lithium battery powers the e-cigarette and can be charged using a charger similar to those used for cell phone batteries. The charged battery is connected to the vaporization chamber, a hollow tube that contains electronic controls and an atomizer — the component that creates the vapor. Before the user activates the device, he or she attaches a cartridge containing liquid to the vaporization chamber. The tip of the cartridge serves as the e-cigarette’s mouthpiece.

    Working of E- cigarettes:

    E-cigarettes are actually vaporizers which heats up a liquid filled in cartilages. The liquid turns into vapor, which is then inhaled, or “vaped.”

    • E-cigarette users inhale the way they would with a regular cigarette
    • This inhalation activates the atomizer to heat the liquid in the cartridge and convert the liquid to a vapor
    • Inhaling this vapor through the mouthpiece delivers flavoring fluids to the lungs, and the user exhales vapor that looks much like a cloud of cigarette smoke containing no harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide or tar etc

    E- Cigarettes safer than regular cigarettes:

    Evidences suggest that e-cigarettes may be safer than regular cigarettes. The biggest danger from tobacco is the smoke, and e-cigarettes don’t burn. Tests show the levels of dangerous chemicals they give off are negligible of what you’d get from a real cigarette. So, E-cigarettes may be less harmful than cigarettes.

    “Obviously, it would be best if smokers could quit completely,” says Michael Siegel, MD, MPH, a professor at Boston University’s School of Public Health. “But if that’s not possible, I think they’d be a lot better off with e-cigarettes. They’re a safer alternative.”

    Benefits of E- Cigarettes:

    • Reduces smoking frequency
    • No harm of second hand smoke
    • No harmful chemicals associated with smoking tobacco cigarettes, such as carbon monoxide and tar
    • Causes no harm on the people and environment
    • No lightening is needed
    • No fire hazards
    • No addiction
    • Can be used in most public places as allowed by law

    Usage instructions:

    • Insert USB Charger into the cartilage body holder. The first charge must be 5 hours, 2 0r 3 hours for regular recharge
    • When charging the direction light is red and green if power is full
    • Connect the full power batteries with the head of atomizer, and then the E Cigarette is workable
    • If the red light is flickering means low power
    • Per cartilage can be smoked around 150 mouths
    • Please change the cartilage once the atomization is light
    • Please connect with cartilage and battery closely

    Important points:

    • Keep it away from high temperature environment in any case of usage or storage
    • Do not weld the battery directly or pierce through it with nails or other tool
    • If the peculiar smell, burns, changes color, deforms or any other unusual case happens during using, please cut off the power supply and take it out of the battery, stop use it
    • Keep it away from kids

    Each pack comes with 10 disposable cartilages at an attractive price of Rs. 1000